To the attention of Ms.Angela Merkel

Dear Ms. Merkel,

As a concerned Spanish citizen I would like to suggest some actions to be taken in order to improve or economic status. Your guidance on economic politics have helped us much these days, yet our situation remains uncertain and doubt rises on our economy. As you are well aware of our situation and the importance of keeping the European economic and monetary union, I would strongly encourage you to recommend our governors some cuts that would mean a substancial decrease in our public debt and seem to have run unnoticed by our dear authorities.

It would be benefitial to modify the current legislation to keep avoiding remunerations that overcome our possibilities, our average wage was reduced to 641,40€, however we feel that this measure might not be enough so we would suggest reducing by law political charges’ wages, from members of the parliament to majors in small towns. Taking into account that a measure to avoid salary duplicity should also be taken. It has âlso come to our attention that politicians in the Spanish parliament, senate and former government have privileges that surpase their own productivity such as taxes exemptions, credit cards and free electronic equipment, just to mention some of them that mean additional costs to our state budget without a rational explanation.

We consider that every citizen is able to live under a range of common sense in this time of austerity, as a result, political authorities should set an example by applying severe cuts in unneccessary expenses and excesive wages. This would mean saving more than a thousand million euro in our national budget.

We bear in mind that this is a sacrifice to be taken by our governors, however as cuts in education and healthcare have turned insufficient to maintain our welfare and as we feel the Spanish monarchy and Catholic Church are of paramount importance and should not be reduced in remuneration yet, we regrettably recomend a drastic budget cut in our authorities’ remuneration.

 I know you will take this into consideration and will recommend appropriate measures to ensure our economy is lead to prosperity. We, Spanish citizens, confide in your guidance and success. Moreover, if these measures were taken, you would also be helping us in believing again in Spanish democracy.

Sincerely yours,

An ordinary concerned Spaniard.

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No suelo seguir el curso normal de las cosas, eso siempre ha sido algo innato en mí.¿Por qué?A eso ya no podría responder, pero no es cuestión de rebeldía. Simplemente…es así. Hace ya un par de años, como viene siendo común, emigré de mis tierras queridas del sur para buscar una vida mejor en la capital. Pero no es todo tal y como lo cuentan. Da igual dónde te encuentres, becario eres y becario serás. Realmente deberían darle un “premio” a aquél que en su día dijo: “Vamos a poner a uno aquí que sea becario, así le pagamos una mierda y nos ahorramos una pasta y lo ponemos a currar como cualquier otro”. Bajo esta premisa, ¿qué hacemos? Una solución parece ser es emigrar a Alemania o buscar trabajo de amplio espectro (desde las cafeterías a las oficinas) porque para ser becario hoy en día necesitas como mínimo una licenciatura máster. Y digo como mínimo, porque ya hay personas que los acumulan, porque así al menos, tienes más papeles que malgastar para el cv…. Así que en la búsqueda de algunos eurillos que paguen las cañas de los viernes en la que maldecimos al mundo y ahogamos penas, decidí convertirme en blogger a sueldo. Ver todas las entradas de Blogger-a-sueldo

One response to “To the attention of Ms.Angela Merkel

  • aderojas

    Oh, wait, that… makes sense!!! You forgot to mention the fact that some politicians still get a salary from the public budget years after their mandate is over, and they still benefit from public security resources, payed trips, etc.

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